We discussed verified and proven methods to view private Instagram accounts.

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when Instagram tells me, “Hey, this account is private.”

It makes me wanna scream at it, such as, «Hey Zuckerberg, I need to view this profile right now.»

Once upon a time, I was with a girl who I was crushing on. I went on Instagram to find her profile, only find that it was private. I was furious to the teeth.

I’m betting that you as well, have experienced many a time with accounts that are private.

Don’t be stressed about it. After my experience with this girl, I’ve devoted my entire life to devising strategies to gain access to «private Instagram accounts

Read on Olipersonal to find out what I have for you.

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Hacks to access private Instagram accounts immediately

Send a Follow request

First , let’s start with the most popular trick from the book: to follow the person.

If you make a Follow request to a private account, you’ll need to wait for the owner to accept the request prior to viewing their profile.

If you’re lucky, and the person is able to be online when you’ve sent the request they might accept, and you’ll be able access their profile straight away. If not, you may have to wait until they get online.

Personally, I’m not keen on this technique, but let’s pretend we’re good boys for a sec and follow Instagram’s guidelines. At least, this is how they’d like us to view the profile of private accounts.

Call on Google to get help

Perhaps you’ve waited some seconds and the other person hasn’t decided to accept your request. No problem. Log into Chrome or Safari and enter the person’s username into the search bar.

Usually, when an account owner sets their profile to private, Google has a library of posts from their past. They have posts that they wrote while their account was open to the public.

After the page loads Your search results are displayed in the form consisting of «All,» «Images,» «News,» and «Videos.» Click the image tab. The result should show a list of the person’s posts and profile images.

If you’re simply looking for an image of them to put in a frame or on a birthday cake this idea is an excellent idea to play with.

Search for other platforms

If someone has created an IG account private, and you’re keen on viewing their profile, then you should check your account on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

If you’re not familiar with the full title of their name, go to your Instagram bio.

When you browse other platforms, you may find as many images of the person or more information about them as you need.

View by the eyes of a friend

In most cases, you’ll have a close friend (or a friend of a friend) who is already following the person. If you have inquire if they can look over the account and save and forward their posts to you.

How do you know whether you have any friends who are already following the person?

Just ask using the status of your Whatsapp status.

The fastest and surest hacks to see private Instagram accounts. Instagram

Use is one of several third-party applications you can use to view the private Instagram accounts. Follow this step-bystep guide to use it.

For iPhone people:

Open «Settings» and go to «General.»

After logging in, click within the app, click the «Background App Refresh» button and make sure that it’s on.

Next, go down and down to «Battery» section and turn off low power mode.

Visit the App Store and set automatic downloads to ON.

Visit the website at.

From the options available, click «VIEW PRIVATE ACCOUNT».

After the page loads you’ll see a box labeled «Target Instagram Username». Enter the username of the account you’re trying look at into the box.

Hit «Connect» and wait for the system to respond.

The message will ask for confirmation of your account. This lets you double-check the username you’ve entered. Once you’ve confirmed it clicked «Confirm.»

A progress bar will show up in just a couple of seconds. How long the progress bar takes to complete will depend on the number of posts on the account.

In the end, you’ll see an error message saying «Private data successfully unlocked for XYZ.»

Go back to Instagram and search on the hashtag.

Now, you should be able to view everything on the account.

What is the situation with Android and PC users?

The procedure is considerably easier for Androids. You don’t need to change the settings of your smartphone. Just go to the website and follow all the instructions in the previous paragraphs.


This site works directly for iPhone as well as Android users. Here are the step-by-step directions.

You can go to Instagram and locate the username of the account you’re trying access to.

Now go to and scroll to the bottom until you can find «Private Instagram Viewer.»

Click on it and enter your username for the individual.

After that, click «View Private Account.»

After the system has responded and you can see the number of followers and followers on the account. You can check this against the account’s original page to ensure that it’s the right one.

Then, click the «Confirm Username» button.

The system will ask you what you’d prefer to do:

View photos? This allows you to view only photos.

See followers? This lets you see only your followers.


Unlock the profile? This lets you see the entire profile.

After you click on»Unlock Profile» and then click the «Unlock Profile» button, the system will ask you to fill out a CAPTCHA.

Return to Instagram and refresh your profile page. It is PUBLIC now, meaning that you can view everything there.

Use the Instagramextension ++

for iPhone customers:

Turn off auto rotation.

Click on «Settings», click on «General», and then switch on «Background App Refresh.»

Open your browser , and then go to

On the home page Scroll down until you’ll find the search box (just below»ALLAPPS»)) «ALL APPS» icon) and enter «Instagram.»

An Instagram app with the title «Instagram ++» will appear.

Click the link to download and inject the extension app into the main Instagram app.

Afterward, you’ll be taken to a new window where you’ll be required to enter a few simple commands.

After that you’re done, wait a few minutes until the commands are activated After that, head back to Instagram.

Look for the private account once more. This time you should find that all private accounts have been made public, making it possible to see private profiles without difficulty.

For Android users:

The only setting you need to change for Androids is the auto-rotation. Once you’ve successfully disabled auto-rotation, head on the website and follow the steps we mentioned above.

You should be able view the private profiles of all users afterward.

Use the UnlockPrivate app

For the past few months, we’ve been using web-based services. We’ll now see how we can access private Instagram accounts by using a mobile app.

How do you download the UnlockPrivate app on your iPhone

Click on «Settings,» «General,» and then switch ON your «Background App Refresh.»

Then, navigate to «Battery» and make sure the low power mode is switched off.

Now open your browser and go to

After login, search in the search bar for «Private Instagram Viewer.»

The app should pop up. You can then inject that app on your mobile.

How to download the UnlockPrivate app for your Android

Open «Settings.»

Switch off the power saving mode.

Select «Display» and turn off auto-rotate .

Visit to download the application as described above.

How to access private accounts with the UnlockPrivate application

Go to Instagram and look for the private account you’d like to access.

Open the page, minimize your phone, and open the UnlockPrivate application.

After logging in, you will need to enter the username for the private account.

Click to the «View Profile» button.

Give the system a few minutes to load. Once it’s finished, go back into your Instagram application and refresh the personal account’s page.

Voila, all the information about your profile should be looking at you right now.


That was really ‘Blursome! I hope you enjoyed it. There is no reason for a profile to remain hidden on Instagram. Feel free to pick the best hack for you. You should be able to view every profile you’d like to.

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